Popfeel 54 Colors Eyeshadow Palette: Pandora’s Box of Eyemakeup

When we were kids, we all remember getting giddy and excited when we got our first color palette consisting of a rainbow of bright colors to show off to other kids in the art class. Well, this is no different. Possessing the perfect palette of eyeshadows is every girl’s dream. And that has never been easier than this. If you are the girl who has the penchant to experiment with risqué metallic shades or if you like shimmer gold and silver shades to jazz up the party look or if you are fond of breezy pastels, or you prefer to wear all these shades depending on your mood, but haven’t been able to lay you’re your hands on, then Popfeel 54 Color Eyeshadow Palette is the deal for you.

Popfeel Eyeshadow Palette

The Popfeel Eyeshadow Palette is a value pack consisting of 54 different shades of eyeshadow color that are specially selected and handpicked to give a defined and striking appearance to the eyes. Eyes are the most appealing feature of a face and hence, it is imperative to make them stand out amidst a sea of people.

Popfeel Eyeshadow Palette

This extravagant and yet affordable eyeshadow color palette comes at Rs 553, with 54 luminous shades in shimmer, metallic, matte, glitter finish that are water resistant and long-lasting. The palette weighs 150g so that it is extremely compact and comes in a portable, lightweight, travel-friendly case. The Pop feel palette is easy to use and non-harmful to the skin. It does not fade away easily. This palette is convenient for daily eye makeup, and also perfect for weddings and festivities.

Popfeel Eyeshadow Palette

The world of eye makeup is a world of endless possibilities. Here are some of the chic ways to explore and utilize the Pandora’s Box and creating unique and exciting looks that are akin to the mood of different occasions.


This is one of those essential party tricks that every girl aspires to perfect. From international fashion gurus at fashion shows to a girl going to a party, they swear by this all-weather, ready to go, eye makeup technique. It takes very little for this to go wrong and you end up looking like a witch from the medieval age. To perfect this look, you need perseverance and practice. You need to select the right blend of dark brown and silver to give that edgy, catlike appeal to the eyes.

54 Colors Eyeshadow Palette


This technique makes use of those electric blues, bright greens, pastel pinks and violets coupled with shimmering silver to give an ethereal and princess-like mermaid look.


54 Colors Eyeshadow PaletteTHE SUMMER LEMONADE

This is a rather dramatic and bright eyeshadow makeup that uses color palette in the shades of bright lemonade yellow, orange, and fuchsia. This look is best suited for a summer-style pool party where you want to stand out to your guests if you are the hostess.

54 Colors Eyeshadow Palette

 This was a quick look at the product description and the advantages of the Popfeel 54 Color Eye Shadow Palette which has all the colors that you will ever need. Go grab that value deal and make it yours.







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