Professional Tips to Achieve Beautiful Hands

Perfection is not attainable when it comes to having flawless hands and nails. However, using the right skin care routine you can keep your hands healthy and pretty all the time.

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First, there are some few things you will need to keep in mind about the skin on your hands.

-The skin on the hand is almost as sensitive as skin on the face and is exposed to more since the hand is in constant use

-The palms are more robust and have more connective tissue and fatty tissue. But they lack sebaceous glands and hair which makes it harder for them to absorb moisture.

-The skin on the back of the hand ages easily since has little adipose in the subcutis and is very thin. This also makes the skin sensitive.

– The main aim of hand care is to give the hand moisture to prevent it from drying out

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Hand Creams for moisturizing

The hand constantly needs moisture. This is because the hands are exposed to so much including harsh chemicals, UVA and UVB rays from the sun and extreme temperatures. Washing your hands throughout the day also removes the natural moisture provided by sebum causing old looking dry hands. Dry skin and cuticles develop cracks that can lead to infection.

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To make your hands look younger add moisture to plump the skin. Hand moisturizing creams containing olive oil, aloe vera or shea butter are the best way to keep your skin soft smooth and hydrated. Creams are better than lotions since they are richer and thicker in texture and hydrate more than lotions.


Hand care tips from a hand model

A hand model requires photo ready hands at all times. Their full handcare routine may seem intimidating but there are some few easy things you can do that will improve your hands.

– Place hand cream and lotions next to the bathroom and kitchen sink to remind yourself to moisturize after washing hands.

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-Lanolin cream is a cheap and effective hand cream to soften and protect your hands especially during winter. Natural oils like coconut oil and avocado oil are natural skin moisturizers and healers that locks in moisture to using the power of nature.

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– Cuticles may arguably be the most important part of a great looking hand. Massage moisturizing cream into the hands and cuticles and avoid cutting the cuticles improperly.

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-Apply hand cream before going to bed and wear cotton gloves when sleeping. Keep the cream next to the bed so you do not forget. You will wake up with smooth and soft hands every day.

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Our hands make an impression on an everyone we meet. Soft, good looking and properly cared for hands are very important.


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