How to Pump Your Lip Without Injection?

Fuller lips enhance the overall appearance and beauty of most women. They make women look more sensual and attractive. Bigger lips also add a bit of mystery, sexiness, and glamour to an otherwise simple and ordinary look. It’s no wonder that most of them look for means and ways to make their lips look fuller including injections.

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Injections, though are considered as unsafe due to possible infections and side effects. Despite this, a number of celebrities have used injections to make their lips look fuller to appear more attractive. When celebrities do this, they encourage their audiences to follow suit. We have, however, identified alternative lip pumping methods that do not require you to have an injection or surgery of any kind. Using these methods, you will have fuller lips that will look good with any type of cheap lipstick.

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Unlike having a surgery in which the physician has to inject some chemicals into your lips, alternative lip pumping methods are completely natural. You only need to play around with your cheap lipstick, lip balm, and lip gloss to create an impression of a fuller look. So, don’t go pumping chemicals into your body since you can as well make yourself look beautiful without exposing yourself to dangerous chemicals.

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You can use your lip liner to enhance the look of your lips. Choose one that matches the color of your lips. Outline the outside of your upper lips while smiling to make it easier to draw out your lips. After outlining, fill in both the upper and the lower lips. You can then apply your lip balm or lip gloss.

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There are some home tips you can use without involving makeup. You probably will have the required ingredients at home. You will just need a tool you use every day – a toothbrush. So, with your toothbrush, apply a bit of your lip balm or petroleum jelly on your toothbrush. You then brush your lips in a circular motion for two to three minutes. You get better results if your toothbrush has hard bristles, so get a new one for this purpose. Once you are through, take a paper towel and wipe the jelly off your lips.

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For even fuller lips, you can replace the jelly with either cinnamon powder or cayenne pepper. Mix either of this with your lip balm or virgin oil. Once you have the paste, take your toothbrush and use it to apply the paste on to your lips. After two or three minutes, take your paper towel and wipe off the paste. Those ingredients will swell your lips for a good two to three hours. Remember, use some little force to make them larger, but don’t overdo it to avoid injuring yourself.

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These are just some of the many tips you can use to enhance your lips. Remember, you are beautiful in your own self and this tips only enhance the beauty that is in you. So, never go overboard. Simplicity is always the key.


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