Reducing Hair Damage: How To Use A Hair Dryer Properly

We all know how much damage a hair dryer can cause. There are ways to alleviate the damage from the heat by using particular methods and something reliable like the Xiaomi Hair Dryer. Putting in practice some tips along with a bit of technology that comes from an ionic dryer, significant improvement can be achieved. The Xiaomi 1600W Hair Dryer has proven to work quite well in combination with the following tips.

Xiaomi 1600W Hair Dryer

Use An Ionic Hair Dryer

Ionic hair dryers basically blast the hair with negative ions. It does not sound all that safe at first glance but it is actually a very reliable technology. What it actually does is to break down the water molecules into smaller particles that evaporate faster. This means that the hair will need less time exposed to the heat of the drier in order to actually get dried up. As a consequence, the damage is reduced.

Another positive consequence that comes from using something like the Xiaomi hair dryer is the fact that the negative ions help with styling products. It makes the hair easier to work with. The difference is not significant but very little help is appreciated especially when it comes to having healthy hair.

Xiaomi 1600W Hair Dryer

Watts are More Important than Heat!

A hairdryer below 1300 watts is not a very good pick. The wattage basically means how powerful the dryer is and how much air it can push. The more air it can push, the better as the water from the hair gets dried up faster. It is also better to turn up the power and the heat lower. It can offer fast results and protect the hair. The Xiaomi 1600W Hair Dryer is quite powerful and can heat up fast but because it has a high air flow, it can dry up the hair in minutes even at medium heat settings or without heating at all.

Xiaomi Hair Dryer

Turn Down The Heat

Heat is the biggest enemy. The hotter the air, the more damage it will cause to the hair. Blowing more air is much more important and even if it is cold or at medium, it can still work wonders. Heat should always be avoided if the hair is heavily damaged; otherwise, there is no chance of recovering. How haircare product can nullify the damage done by heat.

Xiaomi  Hair Dryer

Do Not Keep the Hair Dryer Close To The Hair

A lot of people make the mistake of keeping the hair dryer too close to their hair. At high heat settings, this would be the worst idea ever. Yes, it is true that it gets the hair dry faster but it also damages it much worse. If the hair dryer is used at a reasonable distance, even when it is hot, the damage done to the hair is reduced. The Xiaomi 1600W Hair Dryer is quite powerful and will not need to be kept too close to the hair. Also, because the Xiaomi hair dryer is charged with negative ions, it can work quite well without setting the heat at the highest level.



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