The Review of AUGIENB Air Purifier

There has been an urgent need to purify air due to the technological advancement which has greatly increased the contamination of air in the world in order to curb the menace of air pollution which has become very harmful to our health. With the introduction of AUGIENB Air Purifier in the market has made this possible since it has become of great assistance. It contains the air purifier that is a built-in and very high-quality generator that is able to remove suspended air, dust particles and static electricity which are presumed harmful to peoples and animals health.

AUGIENB Air Purifier

It is made up three in one material filters which removes about 99.97% of pollen, dust, odor, smoke, mold spores, pet dander and other particles found in the air. It is able to filter particles as little as 0.3 microns and above. It can also filter pollution of air up to Pm 2.5. This makes it more ideal for the people suffering stuffiness of the nose, allergy and other breathing related complications. It also consists of a built-in intelligent chip, which freely chooses the operation time mostly five hours, safer and convenient for use in homes and even workplaces.

AUGIENB Air Purifier

The purifier has a super silent technology which has a high-quality fan which is good for room conditioning when working in areas with higher temperatures. It also has internal reduction technology which ensures quiet sleep when they are used in bedrooms and even offices.

AUGIENB Air Purifier

The best thing about AUGIENB Air Purifier is that has double directional air outlets which allow for air flow to each and every corner in the room thus enhances air purification making your rooms more clean and healthy. It also has the multi-function options in which you choose differently as you like depending on which one offers you the best healthy life, for example, it has the; the study, home and enhancement modes which are more convenient depending on the environment.

AUGIENB Air Purifier

The Air Purifier is made up of aluminum alloy body plus Acrylic panel which makes it more convenient to perform its work effectively and cheap to maintain since the breakdown chances are very minimal.

AUGIENB Air Purifier

It is a type of the microecology air purifier which is made in a way that it consumes less power hence making it cheaper and affordable to maintain. I would recommend AUGIENB Air Purifier for homes, workplaces, hospitals, companies and other organizations since it has proved to be of essential to our health in terms of air purification and in ensuring environmental conservation.



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Hi, just wanted to ask, do you wash the filter or change it? And if change, are they easily available? Friend bought the air cleaner, and now she can’t get the proper filter.