Review of Paris L’Oreal Big & Sweet Eye Mascara

L'Oreal eye mascaraL'Oreal eye mascara

Every girl lives a little girl in her mind and she likes to act like a spoiled child with innocent big eyes. Yes, she hopes she can be cared and loved like the princess in fairy tale. According to this idea, Paris L’Oreal pushed out its new beauty item, the big and sweet eye mascara which applied the big-eye technology for opening girls’ eyes as much as possible, so as to achieve the every girl’s dream of keeping full and three-dimensional eyes. That is the foremost reason why will I choose this mascara to have a try.

L'Oreal eye mascaraL'Oreal eye mascaraL'Oreal eye mascara

When have tried one time, it has been decided that this new L’Oreal is perfect for the girl who has thin and short eyelash and isn’t good at eye makeup. Firstly, the mascara is designed with C letter brush, which can create 360°cute and charming eyes. Besides, the C letter feature is pretty suitable for the eye’s range, so when use it to brush eyelash, I no longer fear to rub the eyes or stain on eyelids. It is very smooth to use. Furthermore, the mascara can brush out 10 times thicker than eyelash and keep it for the entire day.

L'Oreal eye mascaraL'Oreal eye mascara

Now, I am finally proved by its product effect and persuaded by its easy way to remove. How simple it is? Well, I can only remove the mascara with the help of warm water, that is to say, I can say goodbye to the makeup remover while applying this L’Oreal eye mascara.

L'Oreal eye mascaraL'Oreal eye mascaraL'Oreal eye mascara

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