Review of the Xiaomi Mini Shaver

As a Frequent buyer, myself of Xiaomi Products this review is going to based on my own personal experiences with the product. This Xiaomi Mini Shaver has a high-density metal paint technology body. It has Japanese Stainless steel blades which give you accurate shaving. It has a 30-day battery life which can be charged Via a USB Type- C.

xiaomi shaver

Upon unboxing the product you get a user’s manual to how to use and shave with the razor and the USB Type-C Cable. The one thing I loved to see is that the cable being flat as most of their cables are flat.

xiaomi shaver

Next Xiaomi Mini shaver itself, the device feels solid and it looks absolutely gorgeous which is very Professional and Premium. The body of the shaver has good fashion and quality to it. On the bottom, you have USB type c with a little charging indicator. The body of the device is 5cm * 6.35 cm. The shaving Head has been secured with magnets which is useful. This device is very easy to maintain and it is very durable. The Xiaomi Mini Shaver is very thin which will be able to fit into your pocket. The package also contains a Shaver Pouch which is very useful.

xiaomi shaver

This Xiaomi Mini Shaver uses German technology motor which gives you efficient shaving and has an Ultra low noise. The motor has a high-speed operation of high Torque with 8500RPM. It has a rotation movement of 360 degrees and 20-degree acute cutting angle as previously said it is very easy to use with the washable full body. It has double ring blade design can fit all kinds of face shapes. The Shaver also has the automatic grinding Technology. It has ”ECM” Electric Chemical Machining blade which results in the device being skin friendly for all users. The Shaver has a very nice comfortable grip.

xiaomi shaver


A Xiaomi shaver which is easy to use and is very compact. This device is very useful on a day to day basis use. Let’s say you are traveling this would be a good tool to have with you That way you can shave real quick and look awesome. The price of the device is justified because it does a very good job and it’s very easy to maintain as far as recharging. The battery life of the device is great and the main feature is that you carry it in your pocket.



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