Rhinestone Nail Decoration: Cinderella’s Counterattack

Every time when I watch the rhinestone nail decoration on my nails, the poor image of Cinderella come to my mind, together with a fairy fantasy about nail art.

Cindy is a very poor girl, although she lives in the most metropolitan city with her dad an important person of the country, because she never have a moment belongs to her since her beloved mother was dead and replaced by her evil stepmother two years ago. Her stepmother is beautiful in every where except her fingers and the nails. Her nails are flat, short, as hard as raven’s beak and as coarse as the timber. It is very humiliating for a lady to have such nails. The more unfortunate thing is her two daughters have nothing goes to her, except their nails and their evil hearts. On the opposite, Cindy have ten most beautiful nails in the world, slim and long, as smooth and lubricated as the pearls and as crystal as the pink quartzes. Her stepmother envies her nails very much so she asks her to do all the chores, washing, cleaning, making meals and so on. But that doesn’t make her nails grow worse. Instead, as she grows up, her nails become more and more beautiful. Everyone sees her nails says her hands are the symbol of her nobility. But these sayings drive the stepmother even more furious. She will never give her a chance to make noble acquaintances.
Rhinestone Nail Decoration When the prince comes to his eighteen, the king invites all fair single ladies to the party. Everyone knows that the luckiest maid will be the future queen, so they are very happy to send their daughter to the ball. However, the evil stepmother are try everything to prevent Cindy going to the ball. Therefore, she buys 100pcs rhinestone of heart and oval shape, which only takes her $4.52 and asks Cindy to get them classified. They are very tiny, much smaller than nails. It will be very difficult. But Cindy is very clever. She observes at the shape and finds that although the size of the heart and oval is almost the same, but the oval rhinestones are much smaller and can go through the griddle. So she put all the stones on the griddle, and waggles it slowly. It takes her only 2 minutes to get them distributed.
Rhinestone Nail Decoration But that is not the end, her stepmother is very astonished but she pretends to be angry. Then she asks her to get the rhinestone classified by different color. But there are totally six colors, pink,  brown, green, orange, crystal, purple. And the rhinestones are really eye-dazzling. Cindy is very upset. Her stepmother is very happy to see this. She says, “I don’t mean to upset you, but this has to be done by someone. You are still very young, you should give the chance to your elder sisters. We are going now. You’d better behave well.”
Rhinestone Nail Decoration Cindy feels hopeless. Actually she is already sixteen, she hopes to make friends and more importantly she is invited. “I have the invitation card!” She knows that weeping is no use, so she decided to go to the ball secretly. She gets her best dress, her birthday gift from her father; she makes a beautiful haircut, her mother taught her make braids and buds. And she finds it very amazing by putting the rhinestones on the nails. “I have beautiful nails, I should make good use of them.” So she tints her nails with rose juice, and put the rhinestones on her nails. She put her work under the lights. It is shining. The rhinestones gleams gently. This in fact is the earliest design of 3D nail art.
3d nail artAs Cindy hurries to the ball, her nail art makes her glittering and charming. When the prince lays the first glance on her, he falls in love with her. They dance with each other the whole night. Every lady is envying in her beautiful nails, but everyone feel shameful about themselves. They are just not as clever as Cindy. The other day, there is a overwhelming fashion trend, everyone in this city starts to decorate their nails, and especially the rhinestone nail decoration.
3d nail art


When we appreciating the beauty of the world, we are also decorating the world. The fashion life is so colorful, so changeable, so restless and so unpredictable. I would like to be her follower, an eyewitness, and to catch the most delicate changes.

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