Romantic stories about nail polish

nail polishYesterday, I heard two impressive stories about nail polish. I am so excited to share with you.

The first story happened in 47 BC. A dye maker named Aiwujulas mixed a novel color that can be painted on the nails as a birthday gift for his little daughter Bree, who was the personal maid of well-know Egypt Queen Cleopatra. One day, Cleopatra noticed the special color and was attracted by it. Because, in this golden land, most people even her had never seen other colors despite the miraculous rainbow color, which had appeared on occasion after the rain in the winter. Bree’s nail color was more exotic. So the Queen awards Aiwujulas the treasure YuTian for his making this unique color. At the same time, she forbade him to produce this color for other people but allowed to share recipes with anyone else. moreover this color was defined as the “eighth color” in addition to black, white, red, gold, green,blue and purple.
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The second heartwarming story is about mother love. In 1943, an Italian art-historical bluestocking traveled France, met the Parisian painter . They fell in love with each other and settled in romantic Paris. Then they had a cute daughter named Morgane Costa, who has a gift in paint. Unfortunately when Morgane was 23 years old, she had a car accident causing damage to the optic nerve, which led to her getting off the ability of distinguishing colors. For a period of time, she had been confusing and lost about life. When she was about to be married, her father and mother prepared a special wedding gift, a bottle of nail polish. Her mother told her “although you can not see color, all girls will envy your unique color that only you have in the world.”

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