From Runway to Reality

The runaway looks , which is from The Blond F/W 2014 show, has been so hot that some translate them onto actual nail tips using their collection. There are some ways to create a similar look on nails , which I look for from magazine and I am gald to share with you.

nail tipsnail tips

Pink (Or Red) Panther

1. Apply two thin coats on Crimson Sash.
2. Mix a small amount of top coat and red glitter, and apply to entire nail.
3. While still tacky, apply rhinestones in various sizes and shades of red.
4. Secure rhinestones with top coat.

nail tipsnail tips

Jewel Thief

this overly embellished nail look onto a single tip.

1. Apply two thin coats in Locket Love.
2. While still tacky, apply gold leaf to the bottom quarter of the nail, followed by chains, crystals, pearls, and any other jewelry.
3. Use a detail brush to encase best nail polish and embellishments with top coat.

nail tipsnail tips

Poison Ivy

You can bring this design to life in just four steps.

1. Apply two thin coats in Crimson Sash and allow to dry.
2. Apply in Indigo Frock in a vine-like pattern, and while still tacky, use gold and green foil to highlight vines.
3. Use a detail brush to carefully outline vines in Plum Paisley.
4. Finish with one layer of top coat.

In fact, when you watch shows, the amazing dress and stylish hairstyle may draw your totally attention. Little people care about the slim detail about nail designs on models, which are models’ necessary accessories to match their style. From now on, pay attention to them.


Beauty, style and fashion is my lifetime passion. I love to share my fascination with everything fashionable and we can chase the latest looks together.

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