Several Graduation Makeup Looks for You to Try

Now that it is officially June, there is a big day happening everywhere: graduation. There is no doubt that have tried all efforts to get a diploma and the day is the last day you spend there, surely you should look different at that day. But the question is the traditional wearings seem to be hard for you to look more beautiful and charming. In this case, why not focus on the face makeup that is easy to get? Here are several gorgeous graduation makeup looks for you to try.

face makeupface makeupface makeup

If you are fond of natural makeup look all the times, certainly you should avoid those smoky and exaggerated makeups. It is wise for you to get a light look, pay less effort on eyes and highlight your lips with clear lip gloss, which really makes you become more eye-catching in the crowd.

face makeupface makeupface makeupface makeup

Of course, if you want to lay emphasis on your eyes, you should try the classic smoky eye. But do keep the rest of your face clean, dewy and glowing. So, a fresh but a little bit enchanting appearance will be shown.

face makeupface makeup

By the way, if you love to try any nail aspiration in daily life, do let it match with your lips color. A bright color to combine will be more appealing. Do remember to use waterproof lipstick that ensures you still look gorgeous after finishing ceremony due to the hot weather.

Waterproof LipstickWaterproof LipstickWaterproof LipstickWaterproof LipstickWaterproof Lipstick

Which look arouse your feeling? Do let us know in the comments.


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