Should Your Nail Polish Match with Lipstick Perfectly?

One of biggest and hottest topic is often discussed by beauty lovers everywhere that whether or not nail polish should be matched with lipstick perfectly. There are a lot of arguments in favor of both views, just see in the following!

Nail Polish

To match. Some people who keep supportive opinion think coordinating lipstick can create a chic, prominent and beautiful look. Besides, It is easy to be seen as if you have made a lot of efforts on the whole appearance, also other will believe that you are a person who does well in dressing up.

Nail PolishNail PolishNail PolishNail Polish

Not to match. Other people who hold opposite opinion do believe that wearing a different lipstick with nail designs can make you look more attractive and enchanting. It is sure that you will be noticed easily, meanwhile, it will gain a lot of fun when you dress up in a rebellious style.

nail designsnail designs

My conclusion. I do reckon that you should clash or coordinate them according to your own favor and heart’s content because both styles look great, beautiful and attractive, so just feel free to that!

nail designs


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