Showsee Electric Dental Calculus Remover Review

The Showsee Dental Cleaning Tool is extremely ergonomic in design alongside top-grade features that anybody will cherish. With 11,000 vibrations each moment, this plaque remover can break those hard plaque and tarter buildup. Its design reeks of convenience. It is crafted with BPA-free silicone and medical grade stainless steel making it alright for the gums and delicate teeth.



Dental Care With Healthier Gums

The sonic Tooth Cleaner can adequately isolate dental plaque, dental calculus, and stains, eliminates hard tartar effectively from the teeth forestalling gum disease.


New Vibration Technology

Ultrasonic innovation, 30000 times per minute high-intensity recurrence, adequately crush the difficult calculus, diminish the harms to the gum and enamel, which might be brought about by manual dental tools. It is one of the best oral irrigators you can find in 2021.

5 Intensities adjustable

5 intensity levels can address the issues of various groups of individuals, reasonable for grown-ups and kids.

USB Rechargeable

Fast and safe charging route by USB. Charging once can be utilized around multiple times, travel without stressing over power loss.

More Flexible And Safer For Use

This dental cleaning tool accompanies a LED HD screen, a silicone handle and auxiliary LED light. It has a shrewd memory work, which consequently chooses the last closure mode when it is opened. 5 Grades of movable recurrence to eliminate difficult tarter, calculus and teeth stain. Programmed outage after completely charged, energy saving and auto-protective.

Utilizing Only The Safest Materials


Food-grade silicone/PC/ABS/304 treated steel head, IPX6 level waterproof security framework and battery-powered, guarantee convenience and safety. The cost-effective solution in contrast with the dental specialist and ideal to keep it helpful in the bathroom or to take with you when you travel.



Cleaning Mode: Remove Tartar, good for Daily utilization by Ordinary People

Polishing Mode: Polish Tooth Surface, Make Teeth Bright and Clean

Whitening Mode: Improve All Kinds of Stubborn Stains, Make Teeth Healthy and Bright

Gum Care Mode: Gum Massage, Enjoy Oral SPA

Sensitive Mode: Gentle Care to Relieve Bleeding Teeth


The whiteness of your teeth can improve your overall self-confidence, therefore it is important you pay attention to it. Go get an Electric Dental  Calculus remover at Banggood which is the global leading online shop; buy good on Banggood.

Showsee Electric Dental Calculus Remover Review
Article Name
Showsee Electric Dental Calculus Remover Review
The Showsee Dental Cleaning Tool is extremely ergonomic in design alongside top-grade features that anybody will cherish. In this article we will review this very dental cleaning tool and see what its features are.


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