A Sip on Zuhair Murad’s Marvelous Pure Color Feast

It is said that the key elements of Zuhair Murad’s design are endowed from his inborn Arabian blood and influenced by the Baroque nobility, luxuriousness and elegance. Glancing over his works and designs, you will find these two factors is clustered in every details, from the most expensive clothing, the magnificent texture, and the whole aura.  I was greatly attracted by the splendid collection of his design for fall, 2014 which was completely designs with pure one color, but successfully produced its elegance and luxuriousness. And I wished to bring you the best nail polish art. Let’s take a sip on Zuhair Murad’s pure color feast and see what can we have on pure color nail decoration.

nail dotting tool

In addition the noble purple, solemn black, pure white, fresh blue, mystery phantom and the dazzling silver, I am greatly enchanted with the like crimson. It sometimes gives a feeling as the falling petals of blossomed rose, but sometimes as the enthusiastic flame. It is just so brilliant at every touch of the color to every line of the texture.

Transparent design has became a very popular trend among all kinds of fashion industry, clothes, bags, shoes, and nail art, of course. I like the upper part of the long gown very much. All the strips leads to the same end, and leave the sexy transparent part exposed, producing an elegant and generous impression. When we adopt this technique to nail design, we can simply use the painting pen draw the lines. I think if you have enough patience, you can try on dotting decoration with little sequins. It would be a fabulous work.

nail dotting tool

The thick red short skirt is another creative design. Imbalance exposition of arms, shoulder and legs, makes plus the stylish checks texture makes creating a queen like aura. It mixed the elegant factor and the luxuriousness perfectly. This would also be a very good idea for nail decoration. Checks always wins great popularity.

nail dotting tool

Nail decoration of this Zuhair style requires elaborate skill but simple tools, a bottom of red color glitter sequins or powder, crimson color nail polish, transparent UV gel nail polish, cuticle oil and top coat polish, and more importantly, a piece of nail dotting tool. I prefer the small dotting pen. Although it takes many repetitive works, but it can make the art perfect. Just have a small try, and lets decorate an elegant and splendid autumn.

nail dotting tool


When we appreciating the beauty of the world, we are also decorating the world. The fashion life is so colorful, so changeable, so restless and so unpredictable. I would like to be her follower, an eyewitness, and to catch the most delicate changes.

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