Skymore Purifying Peel off Mask Review

Almost every person wants to have a smooth face which is free of blackheads and acne. However, some people have some jobs that expose their skin to harmful chemicals and light which affects their skin. Watching television and using computers for a long period of time is one of the things that affect your face. Skymore purifying peel off mask is a perfect purifying peel off mask for your face. This product gives the desired results since it cleans and revitalizes the skin effectively. It is suitable for people with various skin problems such as acne, strawberry nose and large pores with blackheads. Furthermore, it improves blood circulation in the skin which supplies vital nutrients to the skin cells and helps in acne treatment.

purifying peel off maskWhy it helps us to clean blackhead

Removes dirt

There is a lot of dirt in the environment and it accumulates on our skin thus blocking the pores. This product absorbs all the dirt in the pores, removes blackheads and it also regulates the secretion of oil in our skin.

purifying peel off mask

Moisturizes the skin

This product contains Curacao Aloe Vera which is the vital ingredient for moisturizing the skin. It also whitens the skin by eliminating acne and reducing skin irritation.


Reduces skin pigmentation

It contains Arbutin which penetrates through pores into the skin cells. This ingredient is responsible for reducing skin pigmentation and brightening the color of your skin.


It purifies the skin

The purifying peel off mask increases collagen protein, especially in the nasal skin. It promotes metabolism, increases skin flexibility and revitalizes the skin.


Controls oil on the skin

Blackhead removal peel off mask contains Lobular seaweed as one of its ingredients. It helps in controlling the amount of oil on the skin. It prevents the skin cells from secreting excess oil and it also provides the skin with enough water.


It contains hyaluronic acid

This acid has a moisturizing effect on the skin. Moisture improves the flexibility of the skin, reduces acne and it also smoothens the skin.

purifying peel off mask

How to use it effectively

It is very easy to use it and help you out of the blackhead problem easily.

First, you should clean your face and open the pores with a warm towel for about 5 minutes. Second, apply this product by using a brush and wait up to 20 minutes for the mask to dry. Finally, peel off the mask starting from the top to the bottom then apply an emulsion on your face.

purifying peel off mask

Warming Tips

It is recommended that you usethis purifying peel off mask according to the levels of blackhead. If you have a mild blackhead, you should use this product only once a week. But if you have a moderate blackhead, you can use it twice or thrice a week. However, in case you have a severe level of blackhead, you should always apply it thrice a week.


It is also important to note that you should apply the right amount of full mask. A thin blackhead removal peel off mask is difficult to remove as a whole while thick ones take too long to dry. In addition, the coating should only cover the nose.


Always avoid applying it around your mouth or eyes but if it accidentally gets to these areas, immediately wash the area with a lot of fresh water.



It will be a long-term war to fight against the blackheads.  Using  Skymore purifying peel off mask is one of the steps for you to keep your skin from blackheads. In addition to it, both going to bed early and keeping a good diet are very necessary for you to deal with this annoying problem



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