The Smart Scale You Can’t Miss When Keeping Fit

Xiaomi smart scale is one of the best and cheap machine. It can detect your weight, water, body fat, BMI, and bone mass. It has a good and accurate design. The mi application can record your weight and you can see your graph over time. This machine is so intelligent that multiple people can use it, and it does not get confused. You also do not need to turn on the application on your phone, again and again, The MI application automatically uploads your weight when you step on the scale.

Xiaomi Smart Scale

Designs and Features:

The Xiaomi smart scale is an attractive and gorgeous scale, It has glass square at its top and has curved corners. This design is so accurate and clever that the weight is completely invisible until unless you step on a scale. With rubber feet, it can keep it firmly in place.

Xiaomi Smart Scale

Xiaomi MI scale setup:

Three important things must be noted about the Xiaomi Electronic Scale, First of all, four batteries are required because these are not supplied. Furthermore, you need to download and install the MI fit application. This application can be installed on your iPhone and Android handsets. This application is required to track your weight measurement.

 Xiaomi Electronic Scale

The last thing to be noted is that a three-way switch placed at the bottom of the scale to pick which weight is going to be used. Weight can be picked between kgs, lbs, and catties.

  Xiaomi Electronic Scale

Pairing the scale with a phone:

you can pair this scale with your phone easily and it is very simple. You just open the application on your phone and then you switch on your phone’s Bluetooth and start using the scale.

fitness equipment

How to use the scale:

You have to install mi scale application on your phone so that you can get your weight data on the phone because MI scale works with the combination of Bluetooth. It is not a big deal to use it but one thing must be kept in mind that your phone must be in the range when you take weight measurement to track your weight quickly. Measurement varied up to 200 g. This application also supports Mi band 1 and MI band 2.

fitness equipment

The MI scale is one of the best and cheap ways to add your weight to your smart fitness equipment. It is a very awesome and exceptional tool to see your weight scale quickly. It can detect your weight, water, body fat, BMI, and bone mass.This machine is so intelligent that multiple people can use it, and it does not get confused. In short this the best scale and it is very intelligent

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