Some Errors about the DIY Nail Art You Have to Know

If you love to DIY the nail art, maybe there are something wrong during the DIY process. It does not mean that everyone can be the manicurist as there are so much knowledge that we do not know, you think so? With regard to the DIY nail art, I think most of the girls are interested in it but maybe there still are some errors that they don’t know. In order to bring less or no harm to our nail, we have to find out what kind of behaviors will have the bad influence on our nail art. The few harmful behaviors are listed as the follow, and you guys should change your behavior if you have the same situation.

nail art DIY nail art DIY nail art

No.1: take a warm bath at once
After finish the nail art, we should spend some time to dry the nail polish and make it shaped. Even though the nail polish on its surface is not sticky, but it still will be destroyed when it is suffering from the hot water and the hot steam. So you have yo wait for at least one hour after finish the DIY nail art.

3D nail art DIY nail art

No.2: go to sleep at once
As a matter of fact, the nail polish will be finished thoroughly after 24 hours of polishing the nail art. Have you ever find out that there are some flaws on your nail art after wake up? Here is a little tip for you and you should pay more attention to it. After finishing all the process of nail art, you should wait for few minutes to make it dry. And then use the cold water to wash your hand for few minutes. Remember, don’t use the water to rinse the nail directly.

DIY nail art nail art

No.3: omit the nail primer
Some people say that their nails turn yellow after take off the nail polish. You know why? As they always omit to use the nail primer to protect their natural nail. The nail art UV gel primer is suitable for you to prevent your natural nail from touching with the nail polish and give it a shelter to breathe.

nail art DIY nail art DIY nail art


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