Some Tips to Remove Foot Dead Skin

Feet are very important for us. Feet is the main bearer of your total weight whether you are standing, walking or standing. However, there may be some dead skin that forms in our feet, which will make the skin of your foot dry and even crack. What’s worse, it look so ugly that stops you from wearing beautiful sandals in summer. So we should remove the dead skin of our feet in time out of health and beauty. So in the following, I want to share some tips about how to remove foot dead skin with my hope that everyone can have health feet.

  1. Before removing the dead skin of your feet with foot scrubber, you should prepare a bucket into which you pour some water whose temperature is bearable for you. And adding some white vinegar can be better. And soak your feet in the water until your dead skin become softer. At that time, you can remove it with a Shower Foot Brush. After finishing removing dead skin, I suggest that you should apply some moisturizer on your feet and wear socks so that the skin of your foot can keep moisturized.
  2. Similarly, before removing, soak your feet in a half bucket of warm water to make the dead skin softer so as to be easy to remove it. And when the dead skin is softer, you can remove it with a shaver slowly. And then remember to smooth the skin with a pumice stone or a foot scrubber  because removing dead skin with a shaver will make your skin of your feet not smooth. So you should also remember do moisturizing care to your feet. As for me, I don ‘t like this way because if you use the shaver without caution, you may hurt your skin.
  3. Another way is to soak your feet with cold water for an hour. And then you can use a mixture of some salt and sugar with raw milk to massage. And then you can remove your foot dead skin completely with scrub. After this step, moisturizing work can begin. This way is not only natural but also economical so I prefer this way.
  4. And then the fourth way is to go to a salon to remove your dead skin of your feet, which can clean the dead skin of your foot and make it more beautiful so it is liked by most of girls who pursue beauty.



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