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As nail art is popular among fashion pursuer, kinds of related nail art set have been hot and Many people have stamped into a upsurge of buying them. After you buy them without consideration, you will find the quantity of them more than you need. Then, it maybe cause a waste of resource. Actually, you can change your mind and make DIY fashion with them. Once I read an article about special use of nail polish, I think you will be interested.
nail art set
The author shared her own experience about DIY fashion. She treated herself to the cute Buzz Lightyear necklace, picked up at hot topic. The Buzz’s signature motto is: To Infinity, and Beyond with Rain’s nail polish necklace tutorial. But the words were so small that they were difficult to read. She love subtle Disney jewelry and was the only one getting this words. So, she experimented with some nail polish with beautiful results.

nail art setnail art setnail art setnail art set
There are four tools you should prepare for, silver necklace, nail polish, toothpick and clear top coat. Firstly, dip a toothpick into the polish and applied it with care. Use a paper towel to remove any excess polish from the toothpick. Be careful not to apply too much polish at once. When it is dry, apply a second coat to make color glittering. Then add Buzz Lightyear colors to every word, which keeps it is original silvery gleam. In the process of your work, be careful in case of the crack of nail polish. Then you can make the words fresh to look with nail polish. With wearing new unique nail polish necklace,you will feel pretty happy about it.

nail art set

Certainly, we just need something fresh to decorate our boring and lacking vitality daily life. Maybe you have others interested advice, I will appreciate your particular thoughts.

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