Oh, I find it quite frustrated to get up with the messy hair, especially my hair is pretty long, and I always leave little time to styling my hair. So, it is a great big headache for me. Honestly, I have tried the electric hair flat iron, but I felt that one is too hot for grooming healthy hair. And I bet that most of you might also be scared to hurt yourself as using that electric flat iron as hair styling tools. However, recently, I got the electric hair straightener, which I bought out of the recommendation from my friend.

CUTIECLUB electric comb brush

Take a look at this CUTIECLUB electric comb brush, you will find out that it just look like a comb, a chunky comb, which is far away different from the typical straightener. So I combed my hair without preheating it at first, and it is a little bit more comfortable to use this one than the common brush I have. I couldn’t wait to have a try on this new hair styling tool after reading the introduction. In my point of view, it’s kind of easy to get used to this electric straightener, even without the introduction.

CUTIECLUB electric comb brush CUTIECLUB electric comb brush

I found that there is a water tank, and I filled it with plain water. As I pushed the button and turned it on, the comb became hotter and hotter, and I felt it achieves its highest temperature for about 2 minutes, which is longer than it said. And then I tried the “+” button, but the temperature changed so slightly that I can barely feel it. After everything was ready, I pressed the round button on the top, and there was steam from the spray nozzle. And then what I did is to brush my hair and make it smooth. It did surprise with its efficiency and incredible function.

CUTIECLUB electric comb brush

I have to admit that it has become the integrate part of my daily life in the morning, since it saves me a whole bunch time of styling my hair in the morning. I love this one, and I wish you would find your enjoyment with this amazing hair styling product.


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