“Strawberry Nose” Elimination Essential: Pignose Blackhead Removal

“Strawberry nose” is the so-called blackhead on the nose. According to a survey, nearly 80% female friends are suffering “strawberry nose” while men are even more serious. However, although it is annoying, it is not easy to tangle. “I have try the blackhead derived lotion, blackhead mask, blackhead removal mud, but none of them can stop it from growing.” one female friend seems totally desperate in getting the blackhead removed. She have perfect smooth cheek, but her nose is really a strawberry nose. “I really dream the day that all this blackhead are completely eliminated. They are just so disgusting. ”

Nose Blackhead Removal

However, we should also agree that blackhead removal is not as easy as exfoliation. While the dead cutin cells are always on the surface, these blackheads are deeply rooted. If you are not careful enough, you might get your skin organization destroyed. That will definitely lead to another serious problem. Therefore, it is very essential to choose a mild but long-term effective method to get them gradually removed.

I think the nose blackhead removal   masks work pretty well at this aspect. It contains 3 piece of masks with different functions, so it also takes three steps to finish the procedure. Mild and effective are its most distinguish features. Let’s see how it works.

1.Pore extension-gray
Before pulling out the blackhead, we will make a mild pore extension by using the step one gray mask. Tear the mask bag, and take out the mask, cover it on then clean nose. And this take 15 to 20 minutes. I think this step is very essential. It can avoid the damage to the pore while pulling blackheads. Pores on the nose are usually tighter, if you pull out the blackheads brutally, it may damage the skin cells and epidermal tissue.

Nose Blackhead Removal

2.Blackhead pulling- pink
Step two is the application of the pink color mask which takes ten to fifteen minutes. When the mask goes dry, it is time to peel down the mask slowly from the edge. It may hurt slightly but not seriously. Due to the pore extension in the first step, the blackhead are totally exposed and easy to get stuck and pulled by the pink mask. You can see the blackhead standing on the mask when you finish the pulling.

Nose Blackhead Removal

3.Pore Contraction- blue
The final step is very important to nose skin care. After pulling, the pores are quite empty and extensive. At this time, if they are not contracted in a right time, other impurities in the air may get into them and form another generation of blackheads. Therefore, you should apply the third mask, which can help pore restore the usual healthy condition.

Nose Blackhead Removal

After these three steps, you will find the blackheads are almost totally eliminated, and your skin is as smooth as the usual, no stimulus effect. But if you are easy get allergic, you should have a small skin test before the procedure. For more information, you can look up from the introductory. Although it is pretty mild that other method, you should not do it too frequently. Once a week can give more time for our skin to recover and prevent blackheads getting too stubborn .

Nose Blackhead Removal


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