Stylish Beard Looks in 2018

Beards are what makes a male be viewed as a man. More so, ladies are attracted to people with beards. However, it is important and classy to maintain them. Shave and shape them nicely so that it makes you look good and more attractive. If it ever crossed your mind to make your beard style another level staff in 2018, then we got your back. Some people try to make a sharp and classy look. On the other hand, others decide to grow long and full beards. This kind turns out to be a masculine style that works well with several men. To make the beard style look fit for you especially with your hairstyle, make sure you know how to transition your head hair with the shape of your face.

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Thick beard

This is a mature beard which takes a couple of months, probably depending on your genes. To make it fit, use a razor to trim your lower part of your neck or the edges of your hair in your head. You should be careful when doing that so that you don’t mess up. Keep in mind that it is more of the length than the shape. However, a good shape can also work well

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Short beard

In this kind, you focus more on the shape than the length. You can use the rechargeable razor to trim it a little bit but make it look like it has been growing for some time. It fits especially when your hair is a bit taller and shaved in the sides so that your hair looks connected to your beard.

Faded beard

In this kind, you have to shave almost all of the beards until there is only a trace of the beard and its shape. By use of the FLYCO rechargeable razor, you can be able to taper your sideburns and your beard your hair.

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Cool beard shape

This style focuses on the lower part of your mouth and the top of your upper lip. The beard should be very short but with a clear and cool shape.

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Man bun with a beard

This style is also very popular in 2018. If you have long hair or are planning to grow your hair out, the man bun with a beard may be the perfect solution.

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Full beard

This is an adaptable look that turns out to be awesome when you have long, medium or short hair. This design can be combined with handlebar mustaches. To ensure your full beard is a good quality, ensure you use beard oil or balm. Both ensure that your facial hair is soft.

FLYCO Rechargeable Razor


Beards of any kind can rock in the year 2018. Make sure that you are able to shape it well or know how to trim it by using an FLYCO rechargeable razor.




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