A Surprise from My Best Friend

For the office workers, the happiest thing is the arrival of the weekend after the five days work. Since we have to go to work from Monday to Friday, we have no time to do other things apart from work. So we need a weekend to do anything we like or need. Now how will you spend your weekend time?

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In the beginning of summer, I went to shopping with one of my best friend. We were all attracted by a nail salon store and then we went into the store and glance at the nail polish set, which was fully- equipped. Moreover, there were various colors and styles so that we can’t wait to do it. We all were attracted by the one kind of nail tips. Although the style was simple, we all wanted to do it. But when we asked the price, it was a little expensive for us. So we decided not to do it this time. In fact, we were all regret for it because we saw many girls polish this nail art tips in the street. It was so beautiful. Although we didn’t polish our nails, we also felt happy because of the pleasant weekend.

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Last weekend, my friend asked me to go shopping with her again. Of course, I promised her. We went to the same place. When we finished the shopping, we hanged out to the same nail salon store by accident. Suddenly, my friends took my hand and went into the store, then said to me, “ Today, I want to invite you to do the last nail style with me and make up last regret.” I felt surprised and moved. More surprisingly, she asked the shop assistant to make the best nail tips. Thank you for the surprise from my dear best friend.

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Life is full of surprise and just look forward to it.

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