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The Trend of Sushi Nail Designs
sushi nail design

It is indisputable that there are thousands of nail art designs in the world and many new styles are pushed…

Having a Playful Game with Trendy & Gorgeous 3D Nail Art Designs
3D Nail Art

Want to play a wonderful game with your nails? If so, you can’t miss today’s topic because we are going…

Dramatic 3D Nail Art Flocking Powder
Nail Art Flocking Powder

Even if it is winter now, but the beauty trend never stop its pace. Surely you shouldn’t stop your step,…

Beauty Indispensable: 3D Nail Art
3d nail art

It is widely acknowledged that only the gorgeous outfit can’t perfectly show our beautiful image. In other words, we need…

Why is Leopard Print So Hot?
cheap nail stickers

Leopard seems always so popular, and never meets a cold back of fashion. Yesterday, I went to my friend’s toggery…

Celebs’ Different Views on Fashion that You Should Know
3d nail art

Celebrities are always be the group of upper class people whose behaviors, speeches and dressing are easily become the topic….

Rhinestone Nail Decoration: Cinderella’s Counterattack
Rhinestone Nail Decoration

Every time when I watch the rhinestone nail decoration on my nails, the poor image of Cinderella come to my…