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Victoria Beckham Enters Into the Beauty Market
best nail polish

If you ever pay close attention to the beauty fashion world, you must hear the name of Victoria Beckham who…

Say Goodbye to the Fancy Nail Art, Return Clean Style
UV Gel Builder

After many seasons’ colorful, complicated and exaggerated nail style, beauty nail  art has grown gradually. From the current trend, next…

How to Distinguish the Best Quality Nail Polish
best nail polish

When we choose nail polish, we tend to get our nails as a try and stick to buy a well…

The Beauty of Pure Colors Nail Polish
Pure Colors UV Gel Set

Pursing beauty is human beings natural instincts whatever you are woman or man. Although man and woman keep the equal…

A Sip on Zuhair Murad’s Marvelous Pure Color Feast
nail dotting tool

It is said that the key elements of Zuhair Murad’s design are endowed from his inborn Arabian blood and influenced…

5 Stylish Color Ideas for Nail Polishing
nail polish set

Every time when I decide to change my nail arts, I will have trouble in applying the fashionable ones. This…

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