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The Best Shaving Experience Brought by Flyco FS339 Razor
flyco rechargeable razor

The electric shavers are now in! They’re really convenient and popular to work with. Traditional razors are still in practice,…

Stylish Beard Looks in 2018
FLYCO Rechargeable Razor

Beards are what makes a male be viewed as a man. More so, ladies are attracted to people with beards….

How to Care for your Beard?
FLYCO Rechargeable Razor

So, you have a beard and are tired of seeing its curls and twirls. It itches most of the time,…

FLYCO Rechargeable Razors – The Future Of Shaving Is Here
FLYCO Rechargeable Razor

Shanghai Flyco Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd, a company based in China is a major player in the field of design, manufacturing…