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More Eye-Catching from Your Attractive Fingernails
fluorescent nail lacquer

It is high time to expose your nail beauty boldly. Yes, no matter how beautiful you dress up from other…

Best Gift for Yourself in the Spring of 2015: Sweet Sugar Nail Gel
Sweet Sugar Nail Gel

How time flies! Suddenly the cold winter is going to be past, while the warm spring is upcoming. However, I…

The Most Gorgeous Embellish: Alloy Stud Nail Decoration
Alloy Stud Nail Decoration

How gorgeous and charming it is! When I saw it at first sight, I have attracted by this beauty style….

On-Trend Style: Multicolor Nail Decoration Wheel
Multicolor Nail Decoration Wheel

It seems that autumn is passing soon and winter is around the corner. While autumn has not passed completely, let’s…

Something you Must Know Before the Wedding Ceremony
nail decoration

There are no more other words can use to express the wonder of a wedding ceremony. Without doubt, this is…

One Funny Rolling Eyes Nail Decoration
Rolling Eyes Nail Decoration

Do you like funny things in your daily life? No matter you are young or old, I do believe that…

2015 Stella McCartney Early Spring Series Hairstyles Trends
3CE Facial Brush

The hairstyling team led by AVEDA designer Frank Rizzieri, designs a 1970’s holiday style of lightly micro-volume styling for 2015spring…