Ten Kinds of Cosmetics Should be Possessed by Women

With regard to a preparation before a trip, I think maybe each girl also has a puzzling problem—which kind of cosmetics they should bring together. There are so many cosmetics that they can’t pick them all up as they also want to reduce the burden during the journey. Therefore, let us sum up and then tell you that which kind of toiletries is indispensable into the cosmetic bag when we travel outdoor for few days.


1. Eyelash curler
If you want curling and alluring eyelash, you must curl your eyelash before using the mascara. So it’s the basis of the eyelash and you should follow this step.

eyelash curler  eyelash curler

2. Eyeliner product
By using this cosmetic, the eye will become more spiritual and bigger than before. You’d better choose the eyeliner, not eyeliner pencil because it is so easy to smudge.

eyeliner eyeliner

3. Mascara
There are many types of mascara brush and many colors of it. So according to your own tastes, you could choose every type of them so as to you make use of it as convenient as possible.

mascara brushes mascara mascara

4. Foundation product
It’s the most important point which can brighten our skin tone and conceal the minor skin flaws from face in a certain slight degree. In my opinion, those who has a good skin or lazy for makeup can use the BB cream or CC cream. Instead, the others are fit for liquid foundation due to its strong ability for covering.

good foundation good foundation

5. Blusher
This cosmetic make you have a ruddy face, looking healthier. Without doubt, there are many colors of the bright color blusher and you could pick up according to what occasion you will turn up.

blusher  blusher


6. Lipstick
Our choice of the lipstick should be a good match for our skin tone. Now it is hot summer, we should choose one with a sunscreen for added protection. The makeup of our lips is the most easily seen part on our face, so please pay enough attention to it.

lipstick lipstick

7. Brow powder
The brow can definitely make or break your look. So no matter who you are, you must use some brow products to make your brow look better. You should use brow pencil to draw the shape of brow. Then use the brow powder to fill the brow shape.

makeup makeup

8. Eyeshadow
If you have no idea which color is perfect for you face and you dress style and you don’t buy so much, you can purchase this 120 colors eyeshadow palette. There are 120 colors for you to try and the price of it isn’t expensive. So why not?

120 colors eyeshadow palette  120 colors eyeshadow palette 120 colors eyeshadow palette rainbow eyeshadow rainbow eyeshadow rainbow eyeshadow

9. Concealers
If you have some big blemish on your face, you must bring the concealer together. It can help you conceal them and make your makeup more natural and fresh.

makeup makeup

10. Loose powder
This product can make the makeup last longer which is good for you in outside.

makeup makeup


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