The best barber shavers

Have you ever noticed how excitement ladies get when visiting their favorite hair dresser? That’s the same feeling men have when getting a cut from a professional barber. What makes a great barber is the amount of experience the barber has and the type of shavers used play a great part. Here are some of the best shavers you can consider for professional or personal purposes:

Braun series 9

barber shaver

This shaver appears to be the brands ultimate foil shaver because of the 10 shaving directions it’s capable of managing while shaving. This kind of flexibility allows one to have a close and precise shaving without razor bumps because of the advanced shaver head. It is suitable for wet and dry shaver giving you the fastest and most gentle shave.

Philips Norelco 9700

barber shaver

It is considered as the leader when rotatory electric razors are considered with its capability to shave in 8 directions and adjustable speed setting. Consider a dream come true with the three speed settings it’s possible to adjust from slow to medium to fast shave. This shaver comes with a facial brush that you can attach to the shaver and let it work magic on your face. It’s cordless suitable for both dry and wet shavers and has a SmartClean Pro that dries the shaver blades.

Andis professional T-outliner

barber shaver

This shaver is a like the every barber dream come true because of the carbon-steel blades that remain sharp for a long time. It has a T-blade that allows a very close cutting and suitable for stylish haircuts because it’s easy to get designs and fades with the fine teeth. This shaver is good when lining mustaches, neck cleanups, lining and edging beards. The electromagnetic motor keeps the machine cool and not noisy.

Oster fast feed

barber shaver

This is the ideal corded clipper that comes with all the accessories necessary for a perfect cut and maintenance. In addition, these clippers are accompanied by 4 guides of cutting various hair lengths and that is for 1/4’’ cuts, 3/8’’ cuts, 1/2’’ cuts and blending. The pivot motor generates no heat and is very quiet. The clippers are light weight and ergonomic making them comfortable to work with both for professionals and personal users.

Other shavers that are impressive include Oster classic 76, Wahl balding clipper, Wahl elite pro, Wahl magic clip and Wahl senior clippers.


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