The Best Lip Colors of 2014

Every year is the year of makeup, of course, this can’t be exclusive. Makeup includes  many parts such as eye shadow, eyeliner, lip stick and so on. However, recently we focus on the bold lips this year, from the bright pink, orange to classic red to dark purple and burgundy, celebrities or stars didn’t intend to cover their shine and charming lip colors. See those lipstick looks of 2014 one by one, and then find one of the best lipsticks for yourself.

best lipsticks

1.Classic red
Whenever or wherever, wearing red lipstick won’t cause any mistake, especially when you attend those big and grand parties.

best lipsticksbest lipsticksbest lipsticksbest lipsticksbest lipsticksbest lipsticks

2.Bright orange
This lip color is my favorite one among my 3CE lipstick which both show my sweet personality and elegant charm. Hope you like this, too.

3CE Lipstick3CE Lipstick3CE Lipstick3CE Lipstick

3.Heavy burgundy
Correctly, this lipstick is pretty suitable for your smoky makeup, so as to match with the certain image and then turn up a certain occasion.

3CE Lipstick3CE Lipstick3CE Lipstick3CE Lipstick

4.Sweet pink
In my opinion, this look is your best choice if you are an office lady because pink give you a youthful figure, also help you shaping a gentle and intellectual modern woman.

3CE Lipstick3CE Lipstick3CE Lipstick3CE Lipstick

5.Dark purple
There is no doubt that your rock and punk style can’t lack of this lip look at all. What do you think?

3CE Lipstick3CE Lipstick3CE Lipstick3CE Lipstick


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