The Cutest Nail Art You Should Try in Winter

When the winter comes and the weather gets chilly, there is no better way to dress up your nails than with a warm and friendly nail designs. From the point of my view, the style with winter-friendly penguin is pretty suitable the cold weather. It is said that this design has won big points in the cute category. Therefore, you do should try this nail art in this chilly and cold weather.

nail designs

By the way, it is a very easy design to handle by yourself, so you can DIY it at home in your spare time. The process of designing this style has no big difference from other common manicure. The most different point is that you should create a cutest and friendly penguin body on one fingernail. Surely you should take out all your patience and caution when paint penguin, or you will get a ugly pattern. Besides, you should use a nail art dotting pen to create various sized spots on the rest of your nails so as to give a snowy look to all your nails. After all the previous work, it is sure that you should apply a layer of top coat to the surface for a gorgeous, beautiful and charming effect.

Is it easy enough for you to embellish your nails in this winter? If not, you can see the step-by-step guide below. Anyway, don’t wait anymore and try it at once.

nail art dotting pen


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