The Guide on Cleaning a Transparent Makeup Bag

Clear plastic transparent makeup bags have an advantage as they are very convenient – you can see everything at one glance immediately, and you don’t need to find around or to scan for small things like clips. But cosmetics sacks can get sometimes very dirty. With breath mints, hand creams, hair brushes, and some of the time even eatable items free in a bag, it isn’t long until the point that the sack can utilize an exhaustive cleaning. Below is the easiest method you can use to clean this kind of cheap makeup bags.

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What are the things that you need to clean your transparent makeup bags?

  1. Scrub brush
  2. Paper towel
  3. Anti-bacterial liquid
  4. Dishwashing or clothes detergent
  5. Clean Rag

Empty the transparent plastic sack totally, and make the bag inside out if possible. This will give you access to every one of the corners and alcoves you can’t fit your fingers into. Utilize a scour brush with unbending swarms to wipe out strands of hair, bits of tissue, eyeliner shavings, and different pieces stuck in the fissure.

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Wash the sack with foamy water. You can toss it in the clothes washer, as long as it didn’t accompany a label saying that you shouldn’t. Or then again, hold it under the fixture and get it all around with a wipe and dish-washing cleanser. Plastic cosmetics packs are extremely sturdy and are made to withstand fluids.

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Dry the sack with a perfect, spongy cloth. Utilize a paper towel to dry out the corners and hole. Enable the sack to air-dry for a few hours previously returning your things in. You can likewise hold the pack under a hand dryer or hair dryer for a couple of minutes to dry it all the more rapidly.

Spray the bag with antibacterial spray. Makeup is a magnet for bacteria. Your makeup bag could be carrying any number of germs.

Toss out old makeup. You will keep your bag clean longer by throwing away old makeup and items that you don’t use.

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Conclusion –

Transparent makeup bags has its advantages and disadvantages, although cleaning them is a bit difficult as compared to other makeup bags which we can wash by simply throwing in our washing machine. But they are very inexpensive, waterproof and makes finding your makeup tool easier which in the end make them worth your buy. Above mentioned method is not the only method but it is the most easier and faster method that can save your time and energy for more important work in life.






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