The Makeup Pains that only the Girls with Glasses Feel

The magical and wonderful makeup is the most popular topic for all the girls. With the superb makeup skill, you can become a totally new person with a new face to turn up. So more and more girls pay their attention to practice their makeup skill. Have you ever met some problems during the makeup process? In my opinion, the pains and troubles that we can meet during the makeup process is less than the girls who wear the glasses. There are so much pains that only the girls with glasses can feel. Let me list the events as the follow:

girls with glasses girls with glasses

No.1: the nose pad of the glasses keep touching with the skin and it rub our skin repeatedly, which will lead to some facial problems for us. In this moment, you should choose some cosmetics with high quality, not purchase the cheap discount cosmetics blindly as we cannot guarantee their quality.

girls with glasses girls with glasses

No.2: After wearing the glasses, you guys will discover that your makeup is different from the look when you see without the glasses. You should know that you cannot see the makeup clear and shouldn’t add any extra makeup on your face all the time.

girls with glasses girls with glasses

No.3: the people with glasses have to get very close to the mirror to pay attention to draw the eyeliner. Or you cannot ensure that how long and how weight you have draw. Meanwhile, you cannot get too close to mirror as the eyeliner pencil will touch the mirror. You should cut the pencil into two part and then use the plastic single pencil sharpener to make it be easy to apply.

girls with glasses girls with glasses

No.4: love using the mascara, but you will finally find that some black marks are leaved on the glasses after you put on the glasses. In order to avoid this situation, I do recommend you guys buy the waterproof mascara.

girls with glasses girls with glasses

girls with glasses



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