The Newest Hair Trimmer from Banggood

Recently, there is a hot product come into our view from the Banggood website. It is the newest product of it, maybe you can have a try. As it is the newest product and it need to be promoted to the world, so its price will be too expensive in this moment. But I am not sure that whether it will be raised or not, you’d better purchase as soon as possible. Here let me introduce this hottest product to you guys as the follow. The KEMEI KM-6619 nose hair trimmer has so much unique and wonderful features that you should know.KEMEI KM-6619 Nose Hair Trimmer

No.1: 2 in 1 design
It can not only use to shave the nose hair, but also use in other places such as the ear hair, eyebrows, mane and even can trim beard. What a amazing product! With it, you just need to bring one product when you travel, which relieve your burden in a certain degree.

2 in 1 design

No.2: Safe and fast
The rotary cutter is built inside, but it has no damage to your nasal cavity. So you guys need not to worry about the safe of your skin.

safe and fast

No.3: Environmental speed motor
It has a high speed that speeds up to 6500rpm. With such a fast speed, maybe you will scare that it will hurt your hair or other things. But I want to tell you that it will not pull or clip your hair.

environmental speed motor

No.4: 430 stainless steel blade
This product is created by using the imported 430 stainless blade, which is durable and won’t rust.

430 stainless steel blade

No.5: Copper metal fuselage
As we all known, most hair removal products are made of plastics not the metal, so the service life of them will not be too long. This product is more durable and corrosion resistant due to its metal fuselage. It can service you for a long time.

metal fuselage

No.6: LED charging display design
When it is charged it will show you the LED displays its situation.

LED display

No.7: environmental battery
It can be used 30 minutes all the time after a 8 hours charge and the power indicator is red while charging.

environmental battery

battery for long time

No.8: global voltage
11-220V voltage is convenience to use for different country. You need not to worry about it doesn’t work when you travel to other cities and even other countries.

global voltage

There are so much functions that I haven’t tell about. If you want to know more details about it, you can contact me.


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