The Prettiest Hair Colors for Winter

Dying hair is a popular trend in the fashion world because it makes people look more beautiful, charming and gorgeous, so most people including women and men are inclined to change their hair colors consciously. Now are you getting ready to dye your hair and do hair care diligently like them so as to welcome the new year’s coming. The following four prettiest hair colors from various celebrities are worthy of changing. Keep reading and do try!

hair carehair carehair carehair care

1.Dark highlights
Without doubt, all-over dark hair color can be severe, so it is wise for you to break it up with other color in dimension like chocolate highlights. It will look more natural if you start mid-shaft and frame the face.

hair carehair carehair carehair care

2.Wheat blonde
If dark blonde or dark highlights can’t meet your need, try wheat blonde is your better decision in this cold winter. It is brighter and more buttery than those dirty blonde. Meanwhile, if you are white skin, this hair color is your best choice.

hair carehair carehair carehair care

3.Rose gold
In this season, you can’t miss this hair color at all: rose gold, because it prevails all over the world. Moreover, it is perfect for all skin tones.

hair carehair carehair carehair care

4. Bright blonde
Bright blonde tends to be more flattering than any other hair color. If you feel hesitant to this hairstyle, you can see from Kate Hudson.

hair carehair care

After you change your hair color, you shouldn’t forget to take good care of it. Besides, comb hair frequently with an aluminum tube hair comb is a necessary thing for you to do.

Aluminum Tube Hair CombAluminum Tube Hair Comb



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