The Secret of Lipstick

Lipstick is one of the cosmetic products that can’t be lack in your cosmetic bag. Actually, lipstick is the weapon of women which can help you look nice even though you do not make up. What’s more, it can also provide you with many amazing functions which are hard to believe. Now, let’s witness the wonders.

1.Blush is the most common usage of lipstick. Many fashion icon and famous makeup man have recommended us to use Matte Dusty Rose Lipstick to take the place of blush when you have no blush. Actually, you can easily make a blush by mixing liquid foundation with a little part of lipstick and then you can apply it on your cheeks and press it according to what the shape of blush you like.

Matte Dusty Rose Lipstick

2.Lipstick can be used for modifying your profile, making your face look smaller and more dimensional, which is considered as the secret weapon of makeup man for modifying the profile. If you want to use lipstick as profile modifier, you should choose a dark brown lipstick. That is the reason why many professional makeup counters will provide the lipstick that is not red. If you want to use lipstick to modify your profile, you can take a little lipstick with your makeup brush and then apply it in the way that you use shaping powder but you should remember not to apply it too much.


3.Lipstick can be used as eye shadow. If you have no eye shadow plate in your Waterproof Travel Cosmetic Bag, you can use it. Before using lipstick as eye shadow, you had better use eye cream specially designed for makeup, which can make your eye makeup better, without the need to worry about that the ingredient will make your eyes too greasy.


4.Lipstick can be also used for body painting. As long as you have a dark color lipstick, you can paint various kinds of amazing patterns on your body with your imagination. You can wear it to the party, which can help you attract more attention.


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