The Top Trendy Nail Art Ideas For Halloween Party in 2018

Have you ever seen someone rocking well-crafted nails during Halloween leaving you mesmerized? Probably yes. Some nail art designs are simple and yet stand out from the regular plain single-colored designs. As Halloween nears, we have the top nail art designs that add more spookiness to the overall design. You have to buy a nail art kit which contains brushes of different sizes, dotting pen, angle brush, striping brush, drawing brush plus more to come out with a perfect look. Let us look at them more closely.

Matte Blood

Black and dark red polish with the black as the base color. Apply a glossy top coat to give it a nice smooth surface for the perfect matte finish. After drying, apply the matte top coat. Add dots of dark red polish first and then connect them to the rest of the blood that is coming from the cuticle.

 nail art kitBlack Cat

For this look, use black polish and yellow acrylic paint. To create a circle at the tip of the nail, use the black polish. If your nails are half-square, use a half circle. Add in some pointy ears at each side. Add two dots of yellow acrylic paint for the eyes. Finally, add in the center of the eye a black polish.

 nail art kitBlack And White Skull

The above design uses the black and white polish with the white as your base color. You can choose to use black acrylic paint for the details. Use the black paint to create a line that curves around and down on each side of the nail. Fill in both sides. Afterward, connect each side with a straight line then add smaller little vertical lines for the teeth. Two dots will be added for the eye and a rounded triangular shape for the nose.

 nail art kitOmbre Candy Corn

The candy corn nail art uses a white, orange and yellow acrylic paint with a sparkly purple as the base color. Using the white acrylic paint and a brush, outline the candies first and then fill them in. Next fill in the bottom part of the candy with the yellow acrylic paint. Lastly, fill in the middle with the orange color leaving white at the top.

 nail art kitTo conclude. Halloween is mostly about the costume and what you add to spice up your look. For most people, nail art is a huge factor. Ensure you purchase a nail art kit that has the most essentials like a drawing brush, dotting brush, angling brush plus more. You can get more ideas from the list above to give you a higher playing field during this Halloween season. For more nail art tools, please go to Banggood.


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