The Two Necessary Cosmetics I Have to Bring to the Beach

It is already September, and it is already autumn theoretically. But I think the weather still is in summer as it is so hot. In my opinion, the hot weather will not have ant bad influence on our mood as we still can have many fun in such a hot weather. In this hot weather, we can try our best to find the places to keep cool and have fun. So in this weekend, I am going to go to the beach with my some best friend. Before go to the beach, I have to prepare some necessary thing. You want to know what pieces I want to take? You know, most of the girls love to dress up and the cosmetics are their favorite, essential thing before they go outside. There is no exception for me. So I also bring some fundamental cosmetics for me to make up.

women in the beach women in the beach women in the beach

As we are going to the beach and we will touch with the water, all the cosmetics should be waterproof. Remember this principle! This first piece I have to take is the foundation or the BB cream. As it will give us a flawless beautiful face and make us look younger and more energetic. In order to make the makeup more natural, I do suggest all the people use the makeup brushes. If you choose the foundation without the waterproof function, I think you will be very regret and ashamed about it. Please pay more attention to my sharing.

women with flawless face women with flawless face

The second cosmetic is the 12 colors Heng Fang waterproof lipstick. After using the lipstick, the appearance of us will become more healthy and charming than before. We do not need too much other makeup such as the eye shadow, the blushes and the mascara as they will be too exaggerate to come into people’s view when we are in the beach to swim. Do you think so?

lipstick women with lipstick women with lipstick


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