The Various Function of All Kind of Foundation

Nowadays, there are a variety of cosmetics in the market. I think most of girls have so many types of cosmetics. For foundation, each girl has her own option. Some girl like to use the liquid foundation, some like BB cream and even the CC cream, DD cream. So it is varying from person to person. Do you know the difference among them? Most of my friends have no idea about the difference, so I wonder know whether you are or not. Let me give you guys a simple introduction as the follow.

all kinds of foundation


1.Foundation primer
Its main function is to prevent the cosmetics from touching our skin directly. So it is one of necessary pieces to protect our skin. If you always make up in daily life, this one you have to possess. And it should be used before the foundation.

makeup makeup

2.Liquid foundation
By using the liquid foundation, your skin will seem to be more natural and smooth. In addition, the liquid foundation has a certain ability to cover up your flaw on the face, especially the wrinkles and splashes. Here I recommend the LAIKOU 40ml whitening foundation to you guys.

liquid foundation liquid foundation makeup

3.BB cream
BB cream is more thin and light than liquid foundation, so it is perfectly suitable for those who has a flawless face and love a nude makeup. On the other hand, it is really perfect for you to makeup in summer. If you have too much flaws on your face, I do not suggest you use the BB cream, but the liquid foundation. By the way, you can have a try on the leopard BB magic cream and you will find it is so amazing.

BB cream makeup makeup

4.CC cream
The CC cream is mainly used for sensitive skin to renovate the skin. To put it plainly, it can maintain the skin lightly while change the skin tone. It’s said that the CC cream can improve the quality of the skin if we use it for a long time.

CC cream makeup makeup

5.DD cream
On the basis of BB cream and CC cream, the DD cream add some function such as moisture, reducing the wrinkles and so on. And its ability to cover up is better than them.

DD cream DD cream makeup makeup


Hello, everyone. I am here to share some viewpoint myself of beauty and fashion. If you have some different ideas, welcome to share with me . let us go deep into the communication...

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