Three Lip Glosses You Should Get From Banggood

Tired of chapped or dried lips? Or simply you want luscious and attractive lips to be yours? Then why don’t you give lip gloss a try? Over the years, lip gloss has become a handy and a must to have a beauty product that has started to govern the women’s world. If you are thrilled with colourful and shiny lips, you should give a try on the following three lip gloss product from Banggood.

FOCALLURE 6 Colors Metallic Matte Lip Gloss Liquid Diamond Glitter Lipsticks Cosmetics Makeup

This works well on ladies who particularly want simple yet outstanding and appealing looks. The FOCALLURE lipstick has a moisturizing effect that tends to keep your lips moist and wet. The dazzling appearance compliments create a super make up when the colours are carefully picked. With the colours are keenly crafted, the gloss compliment any skin tone regardless of how dark or light you are. The formula also ensures during application the gloss is not sticky and glides on your lips. The butter infused in the formula gives a cooling sensation and the extra large doe foot picks the right amount at one sweep.

focallure lipstick

5 Colors Mermaid Lip Gloss Liquid Sparkling Shining

If you are a lady out there looking for long lasting lip gloss with high pigmentation, then 5 colours mermaid lip gloss liquid should be the product you go for. Despite having great results, this lipstick comes at a pocket-friendly price. The gloss pigmentation is of sheer class,  and it gives a subtle look especially when worked on dark skin. The gloss works well when combined with other beauty products such as Matte-lipstick or liquid-lipstick. When the makeup is carefully done, and the lip finishing is completed using this lip gloss, the results are outstanding,  and it gives any lady the confidence to face the world. Moreover, the lip gloss keeps lips moist and make them feel soft and look fuller.

 focallure lipstick

7 Colours Glitter Magical Color Shimmer Lip Gloss Lip Makeup Long Lasting and Waterproof

Normally, there are times you wish to add a little shiny and beautiful colour on your lips but at the same time prevent them from cracking or chapping. Finding the perfect choice to give these effects can be quite stressful but going for 7 colours magical colour lip gloss is there will save your day. The formula in this lip gloss enhances the appearance of the natural lips while making them look fuller. With traces of natural oil, vitamin E and shea butter, your lips are guaranteed a healthy and nourished look.

focallure lipstick


Although lip gloss has been in the market for close to a century now, its position has grown tremendously to become the best product to finish on any makeup. Thanks to its easy to use nature and ability to reapply.


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