Three Tricks to Help You Keep Flawless Makeup in Summer

When summer comes, your flawless makeup is going to face the test of the face oil and sweat. It may that you get a delicate and perfect look before going out, but once you arrive the office under the hot weather and strong sunlight, you possibly look like a dirty kitty. In this time, maybe all the cosmetics and makeup tools can’t help you at that time. So, it is necessary for you to learn some tips to stay away from the embarrassment of ugly makeup look and make full work while applying cosmetics.

perfect makeupperfect makeup

Tip 1. After daily skin care, choosing a suitable primer. In summer, the refreshing and clear makeup curd is pretty good to use which has the function of controlling face oil, but also can lasting the makeup.

makeup toolsmakeup toolsmakeup toolsmakeup tools

Tip 2. Whatever you get accustomed to using liquid foundation or foundation cream, you should also select one as clear as makeup curd, so as to apply a perfect foundation.

liquid foundationliquid foundationliquid foundationliquid foundationliquid foundationliquid foundation

Tip 3. Loose powder plays an important role in setting the whole makeup, which seems to wear a soft velvet on the skin for making makeup look more delicate and perfect.

liquid foundationliquid foundation


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