Tips for Make a Anime Make up Look

Anime is probably the most common type of cosmetics where makeup lovers can get a look that is inspired by a certain anime character. Especially during events like Halloween or New Years, getting the perfect anime makeup is unavoidable for some people. But the question remains how. You can find many considerations about anime beauty agencies on the internet. However, there are many people who share some important tips or lessons on the most skilled techniques to draw the best anime blush face makeup.

Watching people struggle to get the perfect look, I’m here with my tried and tested tips on how to draw anime lips and eyes in minutes.

Anime makeup

Anime makeup tips

1. Tone

We start the cosmetics by the way we apply the perfect tone. To do this, you need to wash and get into the skin. We apply Conseiller to the skin, an exclusive remedy for sagging skin. From there we mask the dark circles and apply the annotations. The basis of justification must be chosen even more stunning than your usual skin tone. From now on we drink face. The powder coat should be thick considering that simplicity does not appear in such a beautifier. It is very important to make larch anime.

2. Enlighten Cheekbones

This phase will be the formation of a clear ridge on the face. To do this, you need to take a powder with a bronze tint. Apply powder with a brush from the ear to the point of convergence of the cheekbones. To make the nose smaller, we apply powder that is almost identical to the nostril.

3. Create Eyebrows

Draw an eyebrow line and lift it slightly. It is not absolutely necessary to hypothetically paint every hair, the eyebrows are simply painted.

4. Eye Shadow

On the upper eyelid, apply a light shade of color and go for it. On the lower eyelid, apply a white shadow or paint with a white pencil. This strategy will definitely help you enlarge your eyes.

5. Apply Eyeliner

This phase is the most difficult and significant. If your makeup requires you to use a reinforcing pencil, use it, if you are prone to liquid flow – you can use eyeliner. The eyes of the mannequin are made with the help of the frame. The buildup on the upper eyelid is pronounced along the line of increasing eyelashes, and at the base – partly lower. This strategy allows you to create unlimited Goliath eyes. You need to connect the upper and lower lines behind the eye chain, the connection of which is occupied after the swallow’s tail.

6. Letter’s Eyes

The veiled shadow stretches the skin with age. The line shows the nose

7. Draw your Eyelashes
Unless you have long, brittle eyelashes, consider using false eyelashes.

8. Krahasim Guba

The final touch is to make a handkerchief for the doll. In anime makeup, lips should be almost nothing. To create such an effect, cover your lips with a transparent cream, and no pink lipstick in the middle. In this way, you get small doll wipes.


I have shared with you everything you need to know about anime makeup and how to get an anime look. Wherever you need to go, just follow these tips to get the perfect anime look for any occasion. For all your makeup-related purchases, do visit Banggood.

Tips for Make a Anime Make up Look
Article Name
Tips for Make a Anime Make up Look
Anime is a Japanese animation that has become popular in recent years and ladies are trying hard to have that anime look. Here in this article are some tips to give you that anime look you desire.


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