Tips for You to Say Goodbye to Your Raccoon Eyes

As far as I am concerned, sharing this article about how to deal with the dark circle under the eyes is very essential. Do you have the trouble about the dark circle? In face, I have the same trouble. I always am called the panda by my friend not because they think I am precious and should be protected as well as the national treasure – panda of China, just for my eyes are dark enough likes its eyes. What a hurt name for me! Whether your sleep is enough or not, the black eye still is there. So I think the quality of sleep is not the only reason and solution about the dark circle. In addition to the good quality of sleeping, you should take other measures as the follow to make it better even fade.

dark circle dark circle dark circle

No. 1: Make full use of eye mask
By applying the eye mask, your dark circle will become better even fade. For the 40 pcs eye bags patches, it has 20 pairs of eye mask that can make you keep using for a quite long period. It can keep your eye skin wet, remove the dark circle and so on.

eye maskeye mask

No. 2: Put the green tea bag on the eye
The green tea also is good for you to improve the problem about dark circle. The most simple way is putting the green tea bag which has used on your eye for 10-15 minutes. You can see the obvious effect after a week.

green tea Put the green tea bag on the eye Put the green tea bag on the eye

No. 3: Icing the eye in summer
The ice is a great thing in summer as it can not only make you cool down, but also ameliorate your dark circle. In daily life, you can wrap ice with a towel or gauze to ice your eye.

ice ice Icing the eye in summer

No. 4: keep using the eye cream
Don’t forget this step! Choose a eye cream with the removing dark circle function and use it every night before sleep. The AFY collagen eye cream may be a good option for you guys. You just need to directly turn it with circle below your eye which is convenient for those who are lazy.

eye cream for dark circle eye cream for dark circle


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