Tips for a Long-lasting Manicure

A manicure is something every woman needs because beautiful hands are one of the most basic things in appearance. A person can be dressed in casual clothes and go around without makeup, but hands should be always taken care of. There are many offers in manicure industry now since beauty salons offer a good number of services such as various coatings and nail extensions.

After all, everyone wants her hands to be fascinating, so they use different shades of nail polishers with different forms and patterns. Thanks to developing technology and skills, nail art kit can provide an individuality to their owner in a moment.

nail art kit

Many women dream of having a long-lasting manicure. However, many women dream of having a long-lasting manicure. There are techniques due to which a user can extend the life of manicure and achieve a neat look listed in this article.

1. Hand bath is a no go

Please avoid any water procedures before starting a manicure. Unfortunately, water has a property to swell and expand the nail plates. If the person will put a coat right after the water, nails will take their original form and the coating will crack. It will happen quickly and become ugly as well as unattractive. Therefore, instead of making hand baths use the special products to soften the cuticles.

2. Polishing nails

Before trying to coat the nails or do extensions, it is necessary to polish them. Such a procedure should be completed to have a better shape of the nail plates. Otherwise, any polish will quickly peel off.

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3. Base and setting coats

Most ladies forget about this important step, but it is essential. The base coat prevents polish pigment to enter and destroy the plate, which can be already useful even for the health of your nails in the future and for a better result while fixing coat is necessary to extend the life of your manicure. Just make sure to use one coat of each because a thick layer will not bring anything good.

4. Good quality equipment

The most necessary part of the whole procedure is to have a good equipment starting from cuticle remover to nail polish itself. Anything that possibly injures your nail plate can cause a severe outcome for your fingers in the future especially when it comes to nail file. That is also the reason for higher prices for some certain products and services.

nail art kit

Overall, all of these techniques can work fine for a wonderful result. Despite many ways to pump up nails to a different level and shape, there are still basic steps, which each woman should follow to achieve a greater and long-lasting result. Please try to follow all of them and you will see a great result in no time!




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