Tips for Maintaining Dental Health

Nowadays we have become very conscious of our health and thus take good care by doing exercises and physical activities. But in the meantime, we forget one important aspect of our health which is our dental health. We only get concerned about it when someone complains of our bad breath or when we have a grueling pain due to tooth decay. Even after using the best medicinal products, these problems persist.

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In order to maintain a good oral hygiene and to prevent us from problems like tooth decay, mouth ulcers, and swollen gums, it is quite necessary to maintain a regular care of our dental health. So here are a few good tips which can help you maintain healthy teeth and let you smile more often.

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  • Brushing twice daily with a good fluoride paste. Brushing should be done in the morning and in the night after meals.
  • Toothbrush should not be used more than three months as it makes the bristles hard and can hurt your gums.

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  • Flossing of teeth should be done at least once per day which helps us remove the food particles stuck between our teeth that causes bad breath. Avoid using toothpicks and chewing tobacco as it can deteriorate the health of your gums.

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  • Visiting a dentist every 6 months where you can get to know about the conditions of your teeth. Visiting a dentist is also necessary when you see bleeding or swollen gums, toothache, or some misalignments in your teeth. Even having a sensation in your teeth for hot & cold liquid can signal a dental problem.


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  • Always use a good mouthwash such asXiaomi mouthwashwhich inhibits the production of bacteria in between your teeth and can give a freshness of breath.Xiaomi mouthwash is non –alcoholic and can help control plaque formation. Due to the presence of Propolis a rich plant extract, it also gives you a long lasting breath and prevents tooth cavities.

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  • Avoid taking aerated drinks which are acidic in nature.And smoking should be stopped as it gives rise to stain on your teeth.


Dental health is very important and should be taken with utmost care. To overcome dental problems, Xiaomi O+Mouthwash can help us to maintain a good oral care as it is an antibacterial mouthwash and can stop plaque formation and reduce gingivitis. It does not only protect our gums from any infection but can also help us prevent mouth ulcers. Available in two different mild flavors of Propolis & Green bamboo it’s gives us a feeling of freshness in our breath. And the best thing about it is that unlike other mouthwash it can be carried anywhere.



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