Tips on Making Hair Tattoo

You aren’t alone if you suffer from hair loss. Studies have shown that about 42 percent of men in America between the ages of 18 to 49 had a form of hair loss. Again, it’s true that there are many techniques for treating baldness ranging from hair transplants to medications.

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Hair tattoo (or scalp pigmentation) is a new fad in town which guys can use to conceal baldness rather than spending money on exorbitant hair transplants and medications.

In SMP, microneedles are used to tattoo special pigments on the scalp. Invariably, this gives the appearance of small hair follicles to better enhance the look of thicker and fuller hair. This process restores the organic hair follicles with added density and strength to the thinning areas.

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A hair micro-pigmentation or tattoo on a bald head may be a wild idea to some people but this process is more affordable than any treatment for receding hairlines. It also offers the appearance of thick and fuller hair, especially with a buzz cut.


Tips For Making Hair Tattoo

SMP procedures are normally divided into 3 distinct stages, even though the total time spent depends on the extent of your hair loss and required style.

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During treatments, tiny needles are used to lay pigments on the scalp just like getting a tattoo. The dots of pigment create that illusion of a shaved hair on a fuller scalp. There are many hair salons offering hair tattoo machine but SMP is a specialized and technical procedure performed only by trained professionals.

Before your treatment, you need to make consultations with the technician and discuss your preferred requirements.

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Some of the points to note include:

-How Long the Process Will Take

For a hair tattoo, the time varies but the first session can last from about 3 to 5 hrs. Additional sessions take lesser time.

-Its Applications

For treating receding hairlines and general baldness as well as surgery or burn-related hair losses. It’s also used to conceal marks caused by trauma, birthmarks, and even scars.

-Does SMG Hurt?

The mild discomfort in the earlier stages becomes tolerable as the treatment progresses. The benefits of it also outweigh any mild discomfort experienced.

-Any Side Effects?

There are no known harmful side effects of hair tattoo.

-How Long Does it Take to Recover?

Patients have been known to resume work the day following treatment.

-Is it Only For Men?

Both Men and women can use SMP to curb hair loss.

Finally, hair tattoo has become a popular and more affordable method of combating baldness for fashionable guys. Remember to patronize only experts for a smooth treatment.



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