Tips on Keeping Younger By Your Makeup

Normally, all girls wonder that their look can seem to be younger than their real age, so they try their best to make up themselves every time and everywhere no matter who is together with them. However, sometimes the reality is not as perfect as we hoped. Have you ever tried to be said by someone that you look more beautiful before you makeup? Seriously, I think that is a big impact for a girl. You think so? But if you have had this situation, you should do what next to save your beauty? Only by changing some habit of your makeup methods can you do it.

beautiful makeup beautiful makeup

Firstly, you should use the makeup blending sponge which is wet to press gently on your face after you finish the foundation makeup. Through this way, you can take off the powder which stays on your wrinkles. You know why? As soon as you put too much powder to cover the wrinkles, the people will pay more attention to it subconsciously. So please remember don’t do that!

makeup blending sponge beautiful makeup beautiful makeup

Secondly, you should apply the cream base on your face before you adard the foundation. As we all known, the cream base can make skin become smoother and brighter which give the convenience for you to makeup. What’s more, it also can help to cover up some flaw and protect your skin in a certain degree. So don’t ignore the cream base!

beautiful makeup beautiful makeup beautiful makeup

Thirdly, if you don’t think your eyes are big enough to show your charm, you can try to make your eyes bigger by using the waterproof liquid eyeliner pencil. There are so many patterns for you to pick up and you can follow your hobby to choose.

beautiful makeup beautiful makeup beautiful makeup

Last but not least, you should have a beautiful brow to add an attractive appeal to your personality. The brow is one of the most important parts of one’s makeup, you should focus on it. To possess an alluring brow, you should take notice of its shape, color and printing. With regard to how to make up, you can follow the previous article that I post.

beautiful makeup beautiful makeup beautiful makeup


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