Tips on Rising Eyelashes

Eyelashes are very stubborn at times, most of our lashes are short, straight and fall often on our eye. Despite having a lot of curlers in the market that try to make the eyelashes stay curled up, they constantly fall down by just applying a single coat of mascara. More often than not we get frustrated and opt for a pair of falsies extension. Where the rubber meets the road on extensions is that it comes with a lot of conditions like; no rubbing your eyes, sleeping sideways, use the sleeping mask and apply mascara. But let’s not accept defeat yet, with eyelash perm kit you will say goodbye to a lifetime of frustrating sad eyelashes.

eyelash perm kit

  • Eyelash perm kit

This is a semi-permanent beauty procedure that makes you natural eyelashes to be to curl up. The best part of using eyelash perm kit is that you do not need to apply mascara. Despite protecting your eyelashes, the procedure will last a full cycle until the next set of lashes have grown.

The procedure is applicable at home hence you don’t have to visit a salon every time you need your lashes curled up. First, the eyelashes are coated with an adhesive solution where they are then wrapped with silicon pads or foam rollers. This is to ensure that they are in a curled position. Next, after applying the perming solution allow the lashes to settle for a few minutes. Lastly, apply a neutralizing solution and voila your natural eyelashes are curled up.

There are different types of eyelash perm kit available in the market hence its always to best to conduct a market research and consult beauticians when it comes to DIY lashes lifting.

eyelash perm kit

  • Lash lifts

This is another all-natural method that doesn’t involve the use of fakes extension. The is a huge difference between and lash lift and lash perm. Lash lift, curls up your lashes from the base of the eyelid using a speed bump-shaped equipment rather than the cylindrical rod in lash perm. The chemicals used in both beauty procedures are the same, though the lash lift makes your lashes stronger and stay curled up longer.

The procedure is still the same though other Lash lift kits come with nourishment solutions. In case you are struggling with the dilemma; consult beauty experts to help you decide the best option for you.

eyelash perm kit


Eyes are windows to one’s soul but the latest trends in the beauty industry, eyes are no longer doorways to souls but hosts to beauty. Eyelashes can be very intimidating and scary in maintenance that’s why simple DIY lashes lift not only leaves them beautifully curled but naturally protected.


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