Tips for Having Perfect Long Eyelashes

It is everyone’s dream to have long and perfect lashes with a more open and fresh glance that imitates the new “Brooke Shields trend”. However, in this fashion era, the need for growing natural eyelashes has appealed to many, with the majority going for natural eyelash growing home remedies. If you are one of those people suffering from eyelash deficiency, here are a few lash growing serums that will help to stimulate their growth.

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1).Watch out for your diet

Just like natural hair, eyelashes also require a healthy diet and lifestyle that determines their growth levels. How is the diet important? Well, apart from healthy foodstuffs playing the role of bodybuilders and immune boosters, there are some minerals that are also taken in during feeding such as selenium, omega 3s, Zinc and iron that stir up lash growth into the desired height.

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2). Apply Aloe on your lashes

Aloe Vera is not only famous for the health benefits attached to it but also for hair growth stimulation. Just like the natural hair on your scalp, the lashes also require nourishment products that will help them to grow faster. Using a clean mascara wand or a cotton swab, apply the colorless aloe gel on your lashes right before going to bed and you’ll be sure to get pleasant results.

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3). Use oil blends

Just like any other hair, eyelashes also hunger for professional care routines such as that of an oil mask. Different oils such as almond oil, castor, and olive oil can be used for this purpose as they are good when it comes to the stimulation of hair growth. Another product that is really advisable is petroleum jelly as it not only brings out that shimmery look but also fastens lash growth.

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4). Develop a habit of combing your lashes

I know that this may sound bizarre to most of us but this professional eye care routine is worth adopting. What combing does is that it basically makes your lashes to appear longer as it stretches out any unnecessary curls.

5) Cease from using fake lashes

While most of us may see this as a makeup hack, others view it as a way of causing further damage by simply plucking your already deficient lashes.

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6). Avoid sleeping with makeup

This is a disease that many females are suffering from not knowing that the longer your lashes are free from makeup, the healthier they grow.

professional eye care


Growing perfect and long lashes requires that one adapts some professional eye care routines that will not only stimulate growth but will also frame your eyes by drawing all the attention to your face.







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