Tooth polisher; The secret to having a sparkling teeth

Tooth polishing is a dental procedure, which is used for the prevention of teeth problems. It also makes teeth appear whiter, stain-free, and glistening. This procedure improves dental health and aesthetics of the teeth.

Tooth polisher
What is a tooth polisher?
Different tooth polishers are available: Manual and engine driven. The manual polishers are hand-held devices whereas; the engine driven uses hand pieces to do polishing. The most commonly used method of tooth polishing is with the use of a mechanical device along with the polishing agent.

Types of tooth polisher

Polishing strips
They are a good option for interproximal areas and line angles. However, they are highly abrasive. Care has to be taken to avoid cutting or abrading the surrounding soft tissues during polishing.
Porte polisher
It is a hand-held device with an orange-wood point. This instrument can be used on various aspects of teeth. It rubs the abrasive agent against the tooth surface with a wedge-shaped, tapered, or pointed wooden point.
Air-powder polisher
Nowadays, air powder polishing devices have overcome conventional rubber cup polishing paste systems for supragingival plaque removal as it reaches surfaces that are inaccessible to a rotary device.
Engine-driven polishers
These are widely used amongst dental professionals and dental hygienists for their efficiency and efficacy. These polishers are attached to the appropriate hand piece or prophy-angle, which has either straight or contra-angled shanks.

Where to buy a tooth polisher
At you will find various type, size and shape. They can be purchased at very affordable price.

Although tooth polishing isn’t an essential dental treatment, it can help patients feel confident about the look of their teeth and encourage good oral care habits.

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